Welcome to Sherpa Consulting

Welcome to Sherpa Consulting, where we help you to help others.

Sherpa Consulting was formed to help nonprofit organizations to maximize their return on investment in the IT and communications areas. These areas can typically be among the most expensive types of services a company can contract for, especially if they want top talent. We recognize that nonprofits typically operate on limited budgets and do not have the resources to retain that top talent on their own. Going back to the well-recognized role of the sherpa, Sherpa Consulting's goal is to guide nonprofits to the most cost-effective solutions, allowing them to then focus resources on helping others.

Open Source software solutions can solve many of the IT problems facing non profits and do this in a very cost-effective way. Open Source software typically does not cost anything to acquire; the only financial impact is in support and implementations. Even those costs can be minimized by selecting the right tool. Our sherpas have years of experience doing just that for businesses of all sizes, and can find a solution that works for yours.

Another big challenge for nonprofits is making the most of the life of their electronics. Whether your computers are running Windows, UNIX, Mac OS, or any other operating system, chances are we're familiar with it and can help extend the useful life of your computers and other peripherals.

Our communications sherpas also have been helping companies from one-person setups to major multinational corporations for a number of years, and they are ready to help your nonprofit with all of its communications needs. They are experts in both marketing and technical communication. Our sherpas can help with anything from preparing annual reports, web site copy, content management, brochures, grant writing, basic editing and proofreading, letters to shareholders, and anything else you need written. We even take notes at focus groups and annual meetings!